Q.1 Can you manufacture processed products from one piece?

We can process even one piece.

Q.2 How should I make a request for processing?

Please send us your company name, contact information, and drawings by e-mail or fax.

Q.3 What materials other than alumina and zirconia can be used?

We can process silicon carbide, silicon nitride, machinable, etc. at our partner companies.

Q.4 Can you process materials other than ceramics?

Basically, we can only process ceramics materials.

Q.5 Can you handle molding and mass production?

We have our own press machines, so we can handle press molding and mass production.

Q.6 To what degree of processing accuracy can you handle?

It depends on the size, material, and processing details.
(Please inquire separately. (For example, fine hole processing of φ0.1 or less, luster finishing, µm tolerance, etc.)

Q.7 How long does it take for delivery?

It depends on the processing contents and quantity.
(Please inquire separately. (Minimum 1 week delivery, etc.)