Here is the technology that differentiates us from your competitors.
We propose high value-added by ceramics.

Advanced press molding technology

・Die design backed by experience
・Setting of conditions by a group of professionals
・Improved production efficiency with multi-cavity molds

Our powder management technology and high-precision press technology lead to downsizing of parts, stable quality, and improved reliability. Lighter, thinner, and smaller.

Advanced press molding technology

・Selecting the best tools
・Advanced Programming
・Reliability through state-of-the-art inspection equipment

We provide not only ceramics for electronic components, but also various equipment parts, housings, sealing materials, sliding parts, etc., with high heat resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, insulation, and contamination resistance, etc., to add value by taking advantage of the high performance unique to ceramics.

Advanced Materials Development

・Development of original materials

In addition to our proprietary material, wave absorbing alumina, our development department is constantly researching and developing new materials.